Traditional breeding pattern
Container breeding pattern
High position pool breeding pattern

Uyu is multifunctional and intelligent aquaculture management platform.The main functions are showing below: on-line water quality detecting; remote production device control; 24 hours real-time video camera monitoring; scientific production management record; uploading data to a secure cloud environment; manage, monitor and control throughout whole breeding process; implement automatic and industrialized aquaculture production. All the function is for achieving the goal of traceable aquaculture industry.   

Huichanghao Aquaculture Developing Co., Ltd, which located in Foshan City, is a famous mandarin fish culturist. Breeding area is more than eight thousand square meter, which is divided into six breeding ponds.

The follow part is the speech of general manager of Huichanghao. From 2018,we have installed Uyu system. With it, I do most of work by my phone. I not only watch water quality data on my phone, but also control oxygen provide, even watch pond scene through real-time video camera, that is wonderful !

Uyu is definitely convenient for obtaining or reviewing water quality data anytime and anywhere. When the value of DO or pH is above or below threshold value, alarm message or call is sent or called automatically by Uyu system. Moreover, production devices such as oxygen provide or water pump can be intelligently controlled. Turn-on or turn-off devices via mobile phone. When value of DO or pH is above or below threshold value, oxygen provider is automatically turned off or turned on by Uyu application. This is not the only way to control production devices. The other way to control is based on time setting. Between the setting period, devices is operating. These intelligent controlling models contribute to build up a scientific aquaculture breeding model, and reduce the cost occurred in breeding.



Guangzhou Guanxing Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. is technology innovative company, which   commits to develop and promote container aquaculture breeding model. This breeding model is with 15 square meter breeding area but produces about 2500 to 3000 KG fish. It is a high breeding density model. It saves resources such as soil and water. As a result, the cost of breeding is reduced.

However, there is some risk in container aquaculture. Due to the high breeding density, the dissolved oxygen in water must be enough. Also, water quality is unstable. It changes rapidly. In addition, it is difficult to observe the view inside the container because the depth of container and the lack of light.

After connecting Uyu intelligent aquaculture management system with container aquaculture, these problems are solved. Users obtain on-line water quality data and review history data, combine and analyze both of them, and then predict the change of water quality and take some actions to stop the changes. Meanwhile, alarm message is sent by system in case there is a fluctuation of water quality. In order to maintain the oxygen concentration in the container, users can set up the threshold of oxygen, intelligently control according to DO value. These functions reduce the risk of container aquaculture.

Mr Shu, who is the general manager of Guanxing, saidthe core problem of container aquaculture is water quality. With Uyus safety guarantee, the problem is solved. We apply Uyu system into container aquaculture breeding model in Guangdong Ocean and Aquaculture Technology Base, the success rate of breeding improves dramatically .

Uyu fights for new, high-efficiency, green and energy-saving breeding model.



From recent years, because of increasing natural disaster and decreasing water quality, Many shrimp breeder has faced big challenge. In order to deal with such challenge, High position pool aquaculture is widely applied to shrimp breeding. Compared with traditional breeding model, high position pool aquaculture is convenient for pollution discharge, and it is with high breeding density, high safety factor and high production.

Mr Luo, who is the general manager of Lushan Breeding Base, applied high position pool aquaculture in his pond. According to Mr Luos introduction, Although Shrimp breeding is a high-risk work, the return is large. The most important key of shrimp breeding is water quality. So, the solution of maintaining water quality is necessary for achieving success.

Following is the speech of Mr Lo. Formerly, we were afraid that it was lack of oxygen in water, so we opened oxygen provider 24/7. Meanwhile, we often detected pH value. The value of pH must be stable. That was very troublesome. After install Uyu system, Luos world has been changed.With Uyu, i know the on-line oxygen value anytime, i open the oxygen provider when the dissolved oxygen value is low. That saves a lot of electric cost.   Moreover, i do not use pH test paper any more, that is very convenient to obtain pH value through Uyu system. Furthermore, it is easy to watch pond scene via mobile phone, Uyu is beautiful, it helps me a lot.

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